Filament Mind – an illuminated “connectome” visualizes books borrowed at the Teton County Library.

Each of the 1000 fiber optic cables hanging above (totaling over 5 miles of cable) corresponds to a call number in the Dewey Decimal System, which organizes the library’s collection into approximately 1000 categories of knowledge. These category titles are displayed in text on the lobby’s south and north walls.

More on how it was made here.

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Amazing Light Tunnel Made of Millions of LEDs in Japan2.


Amazing Light Tunnel Made of Millions of LEDs in Japan2.

The Local Tea Party: Can we end this?


You do one thing. First you grow up. Because, if you grow up means, automatically your son will grow up. And when your son is growing up, give him a pack of condoms. Now don’t give that confused look and all. Seriously, give him a pack of condoms. Along with that, give him a lot of free advice….

God, Father and Me

As a kid I was a privileged witness to a discussion among father and his friends about God, His existence, religion, the works. I reckon father, like me, bordered on being an atheist (followed a few tenets from here and there). He argued all religious scriptures are man-made. But the clincher for me was: “If we attribute all our good deeds to god (the “no good can happen without his will; who are we to do good?” argument), then why do we not hold him responsible for the bad ones too? If it is god whom we thank for saving us from a calamity, who brought that calamity upon us in the first place? The same god!” This pretty much put me on course for life.

I have not been able to bring myself to follow rituals blindly (this is not to say I don’t - the contradiction requires treatment by way of another post). I do believe in the existence of a supreme power that controls everything. Most refer to it by the name of God — even I do that sometimes, especially when I wish most of you on your special days. (Had our ancestors named it something else we’d be referring to it by another name.)

I also believe that the “Gods” we refer to in various religious scriptures are man-made; as are the numerous contemporary self-styled Guru-Gods or Godmen. In fact, if anything, it is the other way round. God, or whatever, IT is (or THEY are - multiplicity of forces, who knows!) the creator as well as the destroyer. It creates happy coincidences, brings beautiful people into one’s life, and then also takes away loved ones while still in their prime. This Force/Power - capable of extreme creativity and benevolence as also of limitless destruction and cruelty - IS the REAL THING. The rest is all a myth spun by mankind. Whether worship - either to seek its blessing or evade its wrath - works or not is what separates the superstitious from the judicious (“infidel”).